Thursday, 23 November 2006


I realize I haven't mentioned where I'm going... It just might take awhile to explain fully. For now, I'll tell how things stand, as there are still many possible changes to be made.
In January, myself and two friends are headed to India for about 4 weeks where we will be volunteering in an orphanage. Then myself and one of the girls who's going to India (and incidentally may post on this site from time to time), will be moving on to Australia. There we will be working as nurses (so long as the registration works out) and then travelling around. Mid-summer we'll be flying to New Zealand for a number of weeks, and then to Europe for a couple months. Plan is to be home before Christmas. We also plan to be as flexible with our schedules as the pre-booked flights will allow.
It's a lot for one year, and the reality is that finacially it all hinges on working in Australia. (and on the kindness of friends and family who live in locations along the way) This isn't a missions trip, and in many ways appears fairly indulgant, but I believe it's a good thing and that it's where God wants me.


Neelie said...

Never forget.....Wherever you are, be all there!!

Monkey said...

I'm actually glad that you specified that it wasn't a missions trip, though you will be at an orphanage (which I'm guessing is a Christian organization) in India. I've never liked it when people were going on humanitarian aid-type trips, or volunteer trips, yet called it a mission trip, which to me is misleading (though technically you're on a mission still - to do humanitarian things). And honestly, I don't think it's bad at all what you're doing (even though it's not a "missions trip"). God is glorified in many ways. I'm excited to watch your progress! I'm a bit jealous too, though...