Friday, 16 February 2007

Bondi Beach

To all of you canadian's out there, reading the title and pronouncing it "Bond-ee" it is actually "Bond-eye" Beach. We officially arrived in Australia (and cleared customs) at 10:30pm February 15th, were met at the airport by the service we hired and driven to our local hostel.
Want some quick travel stats? Well here they are anyways...
10 different airports so far (Winnipeg, Vancouver, HongKong, Bangkok, Delhi(Domestic and International), Hydrabad, Visaq, Kolkatta, and Sydney)
10 flights so far
Cleared customs without hassle 3 times so far
Stayed overnight in 4 different countries
0 nights with a single room to myself
3 different curriencies in my pants pockets when I emptied them last night (Rupees, Baht, Australian Dollars)
I've only seen 3 rats (none in any place I've been staying... Laurie never saw any), and 3 cockroaches (all in the same bathroom)
Today was the first time we spent more than 5 Canadian dollars on a single person's meal.
This is also the first time we've had to pay for internet access (thank the Lord!)
There are 6 beds in our room, with 2 girls from England, one guy from Italy and one guy from Norway. The oldest in our room is 31 years old. (Yaaay! I'm not the oldest traveller in the room)
We've travelled by Train, plane and automobile in India, and as of next week we'll have done the same in Australia! (If they book us a train ticket to our destination)
As of tonight, we've been away from home a full 4 weeks.
0 constellations of stars that we can currently recognize in the night's sky.
Two beaches so far (one on the Bay of Bengal, and one here, in Sydney Australia... Bondi Beach)and two seperate oceans.
4? days of shopping, only one of those in Australia, but we'll work on that.
NOT enough hours of sleep.

So, anyways, we're here, in Sydney, and busy working out details for work. We just found out we'll be going to Bourke, NSW to work in a 40 bed hospital. They have 22 acute med/surg beds, 8 pediatric beds, 6 maternity beds, 2 heavy care beds, and ... um... I can't remember, but they also have a 24hr emergency room. The town is so far inland that it will take us all day Wednesday to get there. Only 3500 people, and the main industry is wool, cotton and citrus. Looks like there's a variety of parks/wilderness areas nearby (80 to 180 kilometers away). It's also fairly central to Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbaine... so that may provide some travel opportunities while we're working.

Gotta run, my legs are itchy from strolling in the ocean water (which remains around 20 degrees celcius).

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