Sunday, 8 April 2007


Well, I guess it's time to quit being quite so lazy and get back into the swing of things with my online communication. Did you all enjoy Laurie's first venture into mass communication? I figured if she writes occasionally it gives me a good break and you a different perspective on things. It's odd, we actually finish each other's sentences on a regular basis now. She only needs to start a sentence and I usually know exactly what she's getting at. Flip side, we're getting better at annoying each other and getting on each other's case when that person's behaviour is out of line/inappropriate/unusual.
Finally, I have interesting news... we went camping this weekend. A few families from the church we've been attending invited us to join them on the easter weekend camping out "back of Bourke", in Lodebar (Lao-dee-bah), part of the seventh largest single property cotton farm in Australia. Ironically, the only reason we were able to camp there is because of the drought. Normally, the dirt/silt turns to quicksand when wet, and there would be no way to drive down to the gorgeous tree covered bend in the river we camped at. So thanks to the generousity of a couple families who lent us a tent, a couple matresses, an Esky (cooler) and drove us to and from the campsite... we are now brown/pink again from the sun, covered in bugbites (okay, maybe I only have on big one), all our jumpers (jackets) etc stink of smoke, and we're both thoroughly exhausted. Being the unintelligent one who camped all day and then came to work for a night shift, I'm typing to keep awake, since all the patients are a little too stable to require my attention for a couple hours.
Boating downriver, I was looking around at the Red Rivergum trees, red soil, and sparse green patches, watching the birds etc... and thinking how incredibly blessed we are. Blessed with a planet full of amazing beauty, blessed to be so accepted and taken in like long-lost friends. We would never see these kinds of things if we were working in Sydney. Interesting and peaceful as the boatride was (a crane sighting being the highlight of the boat trip), nothing topped today's ride on the "hillbilly lounge". Any guesses as to what that was? A 4x4 truck with a futon-style two-seater sitting backwards in the back. That's how we toured part of the farm. It was glorious. Especially at the end when I kneeled on the seat and faced into the wind :D. The empty dam had an eerie beauty to it, full of dead leafless trees and sparse groundcover. The small orange trees clinging to life on the random waterings that could be scrounged up every few months. The hardiest grapevines still growing after being untended for over 5 years because of the drought. The emus running away full tilt as we chased them in the truck through the fields.(hehehe)
Beyond all that, it was great just having the time to sit around and visit. Oh, and we went to a sunrise easter service this morning. One of the couples camping with us was playing guitar and saxophone for the service, and were trying to practice the songs they were given to play for the service in the morning. I had mentioned, upon questioning, that I could sing a little bit. So Ken calls me over and asks if I know "the old rugged cross", and if so could I sing it and remind him of the tune. I agreed. Later in the evening Heather (a different one) shows up and goes to practice with them, as she often is a lead singer. Someone mentions that I can sing...sigh...ends up...everyone is convinced I need to sing in the morning service... Long story... short? I sang with Heather for the sunrise service. (every single song had high notes, we're both surprised we didn't embarass ourselves. Laurie assures me it sounded good. I trust her.) And then we went to an easter egg hunt, hung out at the river a bit more, and came home in time for a nap and supper before work.
Anyways, I should go show my face again.

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