Monday, 16 April 2007

shop, talk and lingo

Heather is standing over my shoulder...after generously showing me how to sign onto this blog. i found out that there are more people reading this. Hello Auntie Marti! Grandma told me you showed her the blog. i've currently been distracted while typing away in the doctors exam room at the hospital. im finished work, Heather is not, as she is working over time for another half hour... apparently im distracting her from her work! its great when you work with sarcastic people, and those that understand it. its one of the fantastic perks of Aussies...they breath sarcasm. its quite amusing. its also funny when people ask if your Irish...i've never been confused for an Irish girl before...i guess the way we talk is quite similar..hey they're both not aussie accents. i still havent picked up the accent, though i have noticed i say "NaaA.." instead of "No", and we both use the Aussie medical terms, and pronunciations so as not to cunfuse people. oh... we had a grand time at hand over yesterday...there is a "Black Tie and Thongs" dinner party coming up in Louth. here thongs means the sandals and back home, its the little underwear. someone during handover didnt get it, so we had to still laughing over it. oh and they now know what "Biffy" and "mickey" stand for. biffy doesnt exist here, and mickey is to make fun of someone.

we've started planning the next leg of our trip. we dont know for sure if we're going to be working in Sydney. we'd like to, to give us a varied work experience, but it may not be worth it, but after that, about mid-jume our first stop will be Tassie (Tasmania). its one of those places that very few people seem to get to, even other Australians, but many people want to go to. i hadnt heard much about Tassie in Canada, but being here you see commercials and advertising for the little island. it looks quite neat, and different then the rest of Australia. anyone have any tips and tricks of traveling? or any travel advice? oh... there's a woman in labour about to come through the doors! never a dull moment! or rarely! well depending on the shift! G'Day!
cheers, laurie

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Ernesto said...

I am so glad that you are sitting at your computer while there are women around about to pop and give birth. At least they are safe in Heather's hands.

Here is a travel tip: find the Tasmanian Devil and sell him for big bucks. Then you will never need to work again.

Well, I am off for a tad bit more cramming and then turning in for an early night. One exam tomorrow, another Friday and the last on Monday. Then we are finito!!

Most excellent!

Have a bodacious time doing what you are doing!!
Love you both!