Saturday, 5 May 2007

chicken and things

im thinking on what to write about...there are multiple topics. as you all know if you've read Heather's last post, that we have been house sitting for one of the local doctors all this week. we're in a beautiful bungalow that is about 130 years old. it has the crown molding on the ceiling, and 12 or greater foot tall walls. apparently the curtain drop is 3.5 meters...with what looks like another half meter above the windows. these are the perks. the ahem....interesting part has been the animals. i have learnt this week that i am definitely not a farm girl. there are 3 dogs. Abby, the big one. she's a Bull Mastif...i think. Lottie, the dumb one, is a Pug. yup...enough said. and Rosie...oh Rosie....she's a Boston Terrier with 2 different color eyes. which makes her look do you say this nicely?...interesting... there are 2 rabbits...what is the point of owning rabbits? i dont get it. there are chickens, a duck, and cockiteels and oh we're down to one kitten. one got hit by a car the other day. the neighbour told us. i knew something was going to die on us! sheesh....oh well. we have one left, we named her Charlie. ill attach pictures of all these crazy animals for your amusement and pleasure. we should have taken video footage as the speed of Lottie and Rosie running around, nipping and jumping at your legs is enough to drive you crazy!.

we return home tomorrow, sunday. im attaching a photo of our cabana out back behind the hospital. there are 5 of them all carbon copies or mirror images of one another. Wendy's place is a mirror image of ours. anyways...back to tomorrow (sunday) the plan is we're headed to church, then lunch somewhere and then we're off to a sheep and cattle farm, where one of the families from church live. they're going to show us, and let us shear sheep! im excited! we're to bring old, grubby clothes and a camera! we'll let you know how we did and post pictures...if there is nothing incriminating!!!

im attaching another picture of Heather and i at the Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo. we went down with our manager, Wendy. (she's the one you wont recognize in the photos) we drove down last weekend, went to the zoo and then came home to run the farm...isnt it ironic. it was great to get out of Bourke, out of the hospital for a couple of days and go out for coffee, dinner and hang out. oh the Aussie's won the world cricket tournament in Barbado's this year. did you know Canada has a team? yup...i didnt either till i came here, apparently its made up of Aussies that dont make the Australian team, based out of Vancouver. so who knew!?!?! Wendy stayed up saturday night to watch the game as it started at 11pm for us, which was some time earlier in the morning back in Barbados. when we woke up the next morning they were still playing. she say's she slept through most of the game. they play for about 8 hours. long game...

enjoy the photos. hope you are all doing well! im off for a shower and bed. good night!


MaryAnn said...

Love your pics, You ladies are really into the animals aren't you.

o miriam o said...

i think that pug looks cute. sounds like you two are having a blast. may it stay that way! and may you come home soon! miss you girls!