Monday, 18 June 2007

Business details.

It looks as though we've finally completed all business details in Sydney... just in time for more rain. Wait, no, that's not right, the rain hasn't stopped for more than a few hours since our first day here. We've been busy securing bonuses, setting up our taxes to be filed, buying rain jackets/backpacks, booking tours/trains/planes, mailing luggage, etc. And we're learning a lot about how we wouldn't do it next time. Oh, and making promises to each other about what crazy things we'll do in New Zealand. hehehe.
Wanna here something funny/scary? We have no confirmed flight from Bangkok to Madrid, all we have is our names on a wait list. We could end up with an unexpected stay in Thailand! On the plus side that's probably much less expensive than Europe, if we're willing to get out of the big city. I really don't believe we'll get stuck there, but we'll just have to be okay with whatever and wait for someone to cancel their tickets.
Does everyone know Laurie managed to get herself published? I'm very proud of her. It's just a short bit on the pros and cons of doing agency work in a rural setting, but she did well. Email either of us to find out where it's published.
On a seperate note, I wanted to publish a disclaimer on this blog. Now, those who know me well know that I love to get a reaction from people. And when I'm writing, I may embellish facts at times, play with the words I use to describe things. In general, it works well to paint word pictures the way I want. Sometimes though, it may be a little unfair to Laurie, and I don't want anyone getting the wrong impression of her. So if I manage to accidentally put her in a bad light, or I go overboard in teasing, feel free to call me on it and I'll try and set things right. Otherwise, consider it a bit of a poetic license.
Anyways, it's our last day for sightseeing in Sydney, so we're out to brave the rain one more time. Tomorrow, Hobart.

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