Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Job Update

I'm trying to make posts a bit shorter and more frequent... but my life is kind of boring these days... or perhaps the little bits of everyday life are more interesting than when I'm working so much? Dunno.
I may as well do a quick update on my job situation. For those who don't know, my term position ended on the 20th, so I'm in that limbo land between jobs. I have an interview scheduled for the 7th of May, for a job in Iqaluit. I'd like to be in Iqaluit by somewhere between the 10th and the 20th of June. But I kind of need the job first. AND... I was originally told by the recruiter that if I was staying a year they would cover up to 3000$ in moving expenses plus my flight up. Now I'm being told by the HR person that they don't cover anything if I only stay a year, they cover 50% for staying 3 years, and they cover 100% if I stay 6 years. I'm a little annoyed at the inconsistencies. But I still want to go.

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that sucks.