Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Ready to move in

Wow, I haven't signed so many legal documents since... well, to be honest, since my last shift working at the hospital. As a nurse, I sign legal documents all the time! But somehow, this signing of forms to do with properties, payments, etc... this beginning of a new life, signing those documents feels much more official, binding... such a very, very serious task! I have a few more things to track down and sign... I still don't have a phone, internet connection or cable (not certain that I'll bother with cable). That said, I move in to my apartment tomorrow. The whole place smells new! I even have my own washer/dryer, so I can do laundry at my leisure and don't need to track down enough quarters to do it. I have a dishwasher, but I'm not sure if I'll have much occasion to use it, being only me here. I think there's about the same amount of floor space as our little bungalow in Australia, minus the second room. I'm hoping I don't go too squirrelly for lack of a yard, though really, I'm close enough to the tundra to make for a great view, and some amazing downhill walks. That's right, from my apartment most walks are downhill (why is it that getting home must be the dreaded uphill?).
For those of you that need a laugh, I'll pass along two pieces of advice my manager thought important to pass on to me...
1) If you're thinking of dating anyone from here, make sure he has all his teeth, and make sure he hasn't been to the ER 6 times this month for STD's! (She was serious)
2) If you're not overwhelmed at the end of this week, I'll be concerned about you! (also, serious... yup, I've got a lot to learn out here.)
From what I've seen of the staff, I may have a lot to learn, but at least they work together. (and hey, they're going to buddy me up with a little scottish midwife for at least my first couple months until I've learned the ropes. What more could I ask for?)

I'll be offline/posting much less until I get internet hooked up. Be patient, and I'll try and save up some interesting stories.

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