Monday, 27 October 2008


I have a CAR!!!! Well, to be a little more specific, it's a van... and it's not really mine. I suppose you want the story.

A woman I've met all of twice offered me her vehicle while she's out of town! The second time I met her was the day before her and her family were heading out of town... and what a day that was. I should write it out sometime, but I have to leave for work in ten minutes, so it'll have to wait. Anyways... another family here was going to use the van until their vehicle arrived, and then she figured I might as well use it. So after a meeting I popped in on today, that family gave me the van to use until it's owners return. I'd better try not to get too lazy! I really don't NEED it for anything more than groceries, and the gas tank is practically empty, but it'll be a treat not to get frozen/soaked (depending on the day. Today I waded through puddles of slush and my socks are still a little wet).

I also stopped at the store to pay a bill today. While I was there, I noticed the halloween candy I thought I'd better get some. Rumor has it, some parts of town get 600-800 kids stopping for candy. I don't have enough for that many, but as long as it's under 200, I should be covered. I have to leave just after 7pm for work that night anyways, so that should reduce numbers a bit too. I'll report later on numbers.

Temp, High +3C today, Low 0 last night. Sunrise 8:00am, Sunset 16:36 (4:36pm).

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