Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Life in the north

You know you're living in the North when...

You wake up from a sound sleep, completely disorientated. The room is pitch black even though the window blinds are up, you look a the clock and see that it's 3:55. And still, you have to ask yourself: Is it nighttime or daytime?

You're in the line-up at the post office, and a man walks into the building. He greets the lady in front of you with : "Nice hat!" and she responds "and it tasted good too!" (In reference to sealskin hat she had on. Her sister made it and she had got a share of the seal meat!)

You look at someone's list of allergies and it includes one or more of the following: whale, walrus, seal, narwhale, char or polar bear.

You admire a patient's clothing and ask WHO made it and where they live, not what store they got it from.

Fermented walrus is high on the list of possible reasons your patient has been vomiting all day long.

All the inuk staff get happy and secretive, only to tell you later they had a private party and shared a dish of polar bear meat.

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