Sunday, 14 December 2008

Christmas play

Today was the night of the play. I had every intention of starting out the day by going to church... but good intentions have a funny way of going awry. And although I'm certain I set my alarm for 9am...I woke up at 12pm fully rested. Which meant having my own quiet time, which can be a very good thing too.
In the afternoon, I knew I needed to make some sort of goody for tonight, as part of the plan was having a spread of food after the production. It was nothing like the food I'm used to after a christmas play. Growing up, all the kids got a sack of peanuts, chocolate and candy, with a single christmas orange added in. And then everyone would go downstairs to share in big bowls of peanuts, oranges and candy (sensing a theme here?), sit around chatting all evening etc. Here, it was a random spread of baked goods, crackers, cheese and veggies. Still good. Just not the same. And no tables to sit at.
So anyways, I decided to try my hand at homemade nuts and bolts. I scoured the internet for recipes, found some that sounded good, and did a kind of cross between two, though I only guessed at amounts when I added the flavourings. I think my mix was a little lacking in everything but the cayenne pepper :D Oh well, it makes sure I don't eat too much! I dropped by the neighbor's because she was going to come with me, to tell her when I was leaving for the play. They commented on my outfit, asking what I was baking. Apparently I wear specific clothes when I bake. Actually, I think it was the scarf on my head that clued them in. I've found it's a simple way to pull back my hair without totally flattening out all my curls. (see self portrait of me and cookies I made a few weeks ago. Yes, they're chocolate chip. Aren't you jealous?)
One of the ladies at church had phoned me up specifically to make sure I had a ride, and I checked if my friend could come too, so we all went early together. There were some last minute adjustments, which put me at the front of the church instead of the back, since the actors wanted the reassurance of having someone there who could whisper a line to them if needed. Which resulted in the person I had passed my camera off to earlier accidently getting my head in a few shots. Oh well. It all went well, there's some talented actors here.

The pastor asked me if I'd be willing to write an Easter play. Um. Never done that before. I'll have to think on it. It's a lot of work directing. And I feel bad when my schedule doesn't fit well with other people's schedules and I need to ask them to take on a lot of my role.
So, it's done. Yaaay! I can relax and... pack. To move to someone else's place for a couple weeks and housesit. (Starting Wednesday)

High temp today: -26C Low temp: -28C Lowest Windchill: -44 Highest windspeed: 45km/hr
Sunrise: 09:14am Sunset: 13:48 (1:48pm)

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