Sunday, 28 December 2008

In which I appear a little crazy.

Well, it would seem that there's no water in the pipes right now. I had heard about people "running out of water" because the water truck hadn't kept ahead of their needs, but thanks to having a seemingly endless supply at my apartment, I assumed it was only other communities that had that problem. But this morning, I went to fill the water dish for the dog and cats, and only a couple drops of water would come out of the tap. The dog was outside enjoying the weather (honest, she was curled up in the snow falling asleep, happy as a clam) and the cats were begging for at least a few sips. So I poured the few sips left in my water bottle into the bowl for them, and after they had their fill, went to the front door to grab some snow. I stepped outside in a short-sleeved shirt, pants, slippers... no winter clothes to speak of, shoveled the clean snow into the bowl and stepped back inside. Some guy drove by in his big four-by-four vehicle and stared at me shoveling snow in a tee-shirt as though I was off my rocker. But I wasn't about to get geared up for 10 seconds outside with the door left open. Anyways, I brought the bowl of snow in and put it in the laundry room to melt, because that's where the furnace is, and it's very hot in there. Then the dog decided it was time to come in. I let her in and she goes trotting happily to her water dish... only to find it not there. She looks at me imploringly. So I go and grab the dish of not-yet-melted snow and put it back. Then she looks at me like I'm nuts. Don't I know she could have had all kinds of snow outside, she came in to drink water! The only water I have in the house right now is in the brita water jug. That's less than two litres. So I decided I'd pour just enough into the bowl to help the snow start melting and give the dog a little something to drink for now.
Now to brush my teeth! :D

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