Sunday, 21 December 2008

Life is never like you planned it.

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! So a new challenge got thrown my way. The car won't start. Er, well, I suppose I should say the Jeep won't start. It worked fine for me all day, I plugged it in before making supper, then tried to use command start while getting ready and couldn't get it going. So I tried to start it manually... nothing. Not even the sound of an engine turning over or the click when the starter's going wonky. Dead silence. So I ran inside, called a taxi (prayed it would show up in the next 10 mins so I wouldn't be late for work), and swiftly added as many layers of outdoor clothes as I could. I got to work without a moment to spare.
After work (during which nothing of interest happened), I was going to walk home, but the day shift arrived saying the weather was horrible. So I figured I'd call a cab (this could get pricey!). Luckily, one of the nurses on nights with me was getting a ride home from her husband and offered me a ride home. So I jumped on that. My current dilemma, is how early do I get up this afternoon, because I really do need to make cookies. I signed up for the cookie exchange, which happens tomorrow at 7pm. If I don't get all the ingredients soon, I'll have to make something other than what I promised to bring. And there aren't many recipes that don't include butter. At six dollars a ride, cab rides add up fast, but a 20min walk is nothing to take lightly in this weather. Too bad I can't hook the dog up to a sled and make her pull me (she is a husky, but wouldn't have a clue what to do with a sled, plus I think you generally need someone to walk/run/stand at the back of the sled to guide the dog.) Oh well, I can dream, can't I?
Here, a oil change costs 200$, so I'd rather not call the repair shop without sussing out all my options. I think I'll see if someone can try boosting me this afternoon. Though one of the male nurses at work warned me that if the problem is actually a frozen battery, I could end up making things worse. Why must vehicles be so complicated? I need some sleep.
Shortest day of the year, and I have every intention of sleeping through all the hours of daylight!!!
Sunrise: 9:22am Sunset: 13:43 (1:43pm)
Low temp: -36C High temp: -32 Lowest windchill: -42 Worst wind: 5km/hr And the conditions all state: Ice Crystals. Which means its a fairly high humidity while super cold, water goes from evaporated to ice without hitting the liquid phase. A good chance of seeing sundogs.

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Anonymous said...

The batteries electrolite is transferred to the plates inside the battery and you are left with water between the plates when the battery goes dead. That water will freeze and bend the plates inside the battery causing them to short against each other and making the battery weak. If the car started O.K. before, it may be possible that it is just a loose connection at the battery posts or at the starter. Turn on the head lights and see if they come on. If they are bright the battery is O.K. If they are dim wiggle the cables on the battery and see if they go brighter. If not the battery may be dead.