Tuesday, 24 March 2009


I have news, but it's not about me...
I'm not sure how many of you have been reading this for a couple of years already, but in case you don't know:
This blog was originally started just before myself and one of my best friends, Laurie started a very long trip. Even though I wrote a majority of the posts, it was used for both of us to update family and friends as we travelled. Once we finished, I continued on with it as it is something I enjoy doing. Laurie has probably dropped off the radar for most of you. But here's the thing. She's traveling again. And she wants to post on here about what she's been up to. So I thought I'd give you guys the heads-up on the amazing year-and-a-half she is in for. But I'm not sure yet what her first post will look like, so I'm just going to make this brief. Tomorrow, she leaves for Rwanda, where she's going to be spending about 3 weeks with kids from Africa Mission Alliance. One of us will update you within the next week on what she's up to, but I just ask that your prayers go with her as she sets out.

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