Saturday, 8 August 2009

Planning my vacation

I put up a poll on the left... give me your opinion or tell me in the comments here... where do YOU think I should go on my (gasp) 6 weeks off?
I'm definitely going home to Manitoba. I have lots of family and friends there, plus two very important weddings to go to.
I'm also planning on BC, as there's a cousin getting married there too. (Lots of family there, should be a good time!)
I have a friend in Calgary who's invited me to stay with her for a few days. (She's a good friend, and I would love to see her again!)
I have a friend in Texas who's invited me to visit her. (She'll be in Manitoba for the first wedding I'm going to, and has offered me a ride back with her! Roadtrip! Plus, I've never been to Texas, so that would be interesting. I'd also enjoy getting a chance to be somewhere warm for a bit, maybe get a tan??)
I'm trying to decide if that's enough, too much, or if I should try and fit another (short) trip in somewhere as well. The trip to BC would be combined with the one to Calgary. Thoughts/suggestions?

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