Tuesday, 27 October 2009

It's been a good day!

Today I got up at 6am like any other work day, dragged myself out of bed, set up the coffee maker, had breakfast... and received a call from work, did I want to go on call today? Ummm, ya sure, why not. I started out thinking that I'd stay up and make it a productive day. That lasted all of 10 minutes, at which point I realized I was quite tired, and needed some sleep. So I crawled back into bed, and slept until noon. Literally. After getting up feeling refreshed and puttering around a bit, I decided to be productive for real...
Mom, you'd be proud of me! I went into my laundry room/storage closet (up here, the big storage closet is called a "sealift room," because when people order tons of supplies on the sealift ships that come up yearly, they need a big storage area to put all the non-perishables) and started emptying things out. Out came every empty box that wasn't a rubber maid. I sorted through the full ones, and pared down until it's pretty much just full boxes and important stuff left in there. I moved on to my closet in my room, emptied it out and re-packed it, discovering a few things I had left in boxes when I originally unpacked... uh... more than a year ago now! I even emptied out my linen closet and made it more user-friendly. You see, when I first moved in it was basically "find a place for stuff and toss it in where it fits." Now that I've been here awhile, I know what's NOT working well. Next project is rearranging the kitchen, but that'll have to be another day. Oh, I also swept and mopped all the tile floors (kitchen, bathroom, and front entry). By the time I was done purging, it took me 4 trips to get all the boxes and garbage out to the garbage shed outside. Ya, I know, I shouldn't save all those boxes... I just hate throwing them in the garbage!
Dad, you'd be proud of me! Tonight, I walked down to the curling rink and had my first-ever curling lesson. Now, I have curled a number of times before, but always for our once-a-year church bonspiels where they bent the rules a bit to make it easy on the people new to the game. So I learned tonight about how to use a slider, how to properly grip the broom and the rock, how to hold both at the same time while throwing the rock and wearing a slider, etc. I can't go to every game, but I signed up on a team with a few other nurses, so we should be able to have enough of us show up to any one night to make a full team. Oh, and Dad, just to let you know I'm following in your footsteps, I managed a SPECTACULAR fall in the midst of our practice tonight. Though, I didn't rip my pants like I seem to remember you doing once. I landed nicely on my hands and my low-back, and sent my broom sliding across the ice! (perhaps not so nicely, people around me were genuinely concerned I might have hurt myself. I was fine!) I did NOT hit my head (but I did smell that smell... you know when you get whiplash or smack your head or have a really spectacular fall? Have you ever smelt that "I just hurt myself smell"? Or am I weird? Don't answer that!) Anyways, this is probably too much info, but I took some pills for cramps this morning, and I think that's why I'm fine! :D I think I will take a nice epsom-salt soak right away though!
So in summary, the apartment is... cleaner... well the closets and floors are, I have a lot more I want to do. And I'm making efforts to get out and get active... at least a little more active.... curling's not really an active sport, I suppose. I feel like I accomplished a lot today, and tomorrow it's back to work!

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