Tuesday, 8 December 2009

How cold is it? Not that bad actually!

Walking home from work, well bundled for the cold, I thought "It's not nearly as cold as I thought it was! Wow, it must have warmed up!" I even considered taking off my hood and scarf (but didn't, as it was too much effort while climbing the deceptively steep hill). When I got home, I checked the weather: -30C... -41C with windchill. Huh. I guess it didn't warm up after all. Perhaps I acclimatize fast?

Actually, the wind makes a huge difference. And the wind had died down considerably in the last day or so. When the snow isn't being pushed in your face, it's usually a gorgeous day. And the dawn skies... amazing!!!!
I do love rainbows woven into the morning sky!
The skies start to change color about an hour before the sun rises, and the dusk sky lasts about that or longer.

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