Saturday, 13 March 2010

Money down the drain...

Last week, when trying to plan out enough meals for... well... a LOT of day shifts in a row with few days off, I went on a bit of a shopping spree. When I work days, I need two meals ready-made to pack in my lunch. When I work nights, I throw instant oatmeal, a fruit and a full bottle of water in my lunch in hopes that the night lunch will be good. So anyways, I needed at least 8 pre-made meals for this week, plus a bunch extra to toss in the freezer so I wouldn't have to cook too much on the few days I have off in the next week. During this splurge at the grocery store to make all these meals, I treated myself to a 1 litre container of specialty ice-cream. The ice cream cost me about 13$. That's why it's a splurge.
Anyways, I cooked all my meals. I stuffed the fridge and freezer. I got up one morning, and opened the fridge to get the milk out to go on my breakfast cereal, only to have thick tan-colored liquid splat onto the floor as I opened the door. It was coming out of my freezer. The door of my freezer was ajar by less than an inch*. It probably had been ajar all night. There was melted icecream** coming out of it all over the floor. After 10 minutes of cleaning liquid icecream from the fridge, freezer and floor... I determined it was probably only the icecream that melted, anything near it still felt quite solid. There was a section of icecream still in the container that was only soft, not yet a liquid. So I kept that mango-sized bit of icecream and dumped the liquid down the sink (all the while wondering how good it would be if I just froze it again.) I'm hoping by now the little bit I kept refroze into something similar to it's normal consistancy. 'cause honestly, dumping the liquid icecream felt like throwing away money... and I'm craving icecream covered in fruit! And I'm thinking... shoot, it still would have made a great smoothy. Oh well, can't get it back now.
On the plus side, I made baked Perishky for the first time, both meat and fruit kinds. Soooo good. I made a tuna casserole, I made multigrain pizza pops, I made ham and mashed potatoes, I even made soup. So much good food. I also ended up buying sushi from the cafeteria at work on Wednesday. Weird huh? Never thought I'd be buying that up here!
Sorry guys, life's not that exciting right now... I'm either working(which means being orientated to charge position, which is more responsibility than I really want, and my brain is feeling really overloaded right now!), or making food for work, or trying to avoid studying for a course at work this Monday(which means I pulled out the guitar again today... hmm perhaps I'd practice more if there was more studying to do... or not). Sigh, haven't even cracked the book. I should go make some supper.

*When my freezer gets really full, every time I open the door of the fridge and shut it again, the freezer pops open. I try and be aware of it, but every once in a while... it pops open and I don't notice.

**When stuffing my very full freezer, I put the icecream in sideways, cause it fit better that way. That is also what allowed it to leak all over. Lesson learned!

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