Friday, 9 July 2010

House sitting

Well, I've spent the last two days moving... or setting myself up to housesit for a friend.  She's actually been out of town for more than 2 weeks already, and someone else was housesitting, but that person left town a couple days ago  (which means I did not get an intro walkthrough of "be careful with this,"  "that thing is broken," "we ran out of this," and "oh, never open that!").  I get a car to drive (YAY!), and a house with lots of nice features, including satellite tv and internet.  Satellite internet is sweet because there is no cap to the amount of stuff you can upload and download every month.  I could watch tv online and it wouldn't be a problem!
The downside to this whole thing is figuring out how the place is set-up.  There are two bathrooms.  I went to have a shower in one, only to realize there's no way to get the showerhead to work, it was only for baths.  Also, finding all the basics in the kitchen, such as pots/pans, measuring cups, oil (a container with a tablespoon of oil is all I could find), rice (doesn't seem to exist), the filter for the cappuccino machine (yup, that's right, another very sweet perk of staying here), napkins (so far, I don't think they own any), vaccuum cleaner (their dogs... shed alot... still lots of hair even without the dogs here), filtered water (I know they always filter their water and go through a lot of it, couldn't figure out where the brita filter was... until I realized I'd walked past the stand-up water cooler at least 20 times, and that I've filled a glass from it every time I've visited here.... you'd think I'd have a bit more brains that this.  Of course, it was empty, so I had to run to the store today to refill it) etc.
It's really kind of amazing how much you learn about people by living in their house, seeing what they own and how they organize it.  You know how sometimes, you can walk into a kitchen you've never been in and it's intuitive?  The first drawer you open has the spoon you were looking for?  Not this time.  I think I've managed to open four or five drawers/cupboards each time I'm searching for something.  I'm learning... slowly.  The different ways we do things, and the lack of things I deem important, means that I'm bringing a lot of "basic" supplies from my place to theirs.
Oh, and I did mail off the application.  You know which one.  It's in God's hands now.  (figuratively... it's actually in Canada Post's hands, and frankly I don't trust THEM nearly as much as God, which is why I got a tracking number)
One last note, I decided not to pay for call forwarding.  So if you want to call me in the next few weeks, email first to find out the number.   I haven't asked yet what the phone plan here is, so I'm not sure if I'm going to make any outgoing calls.  I might even slip back to my apartment to make phonecalls if I feel the need.

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