Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Distances in Iqaluit

I was playing around on Google maps, trying to find a small Manitoba town mentioned in a news article... when I noticed they have some new features they're trying out.  If you go there and look to the top right of the screen, there's a little green figure with "new" written beside it.  I checked it out and realized they have a feature that lets you figure out distances.  So I started playing around with distances around town.  Here's some stats for those trying to get a handle on how big Iqaluit really is.  All distances are starting at my apartment...
-Walking to the hospital by road: 535 metres
-Walking to the hospital cross country (approx): 310 metres (and yet the walk takes the same amount of time by cross country or roads... I think it's the number of rocks etc I have to dodge)
- To the bank: 730 m
- To the post office: 855 m
- To the church: 946 m
- To Northmart (grocery/department/everything store): 1.12 km
- To Arctic Ventures (other, local grocery/department/everything store): 1.53 km
- To library: 1.48 km
- To museum: 1.53 km
- To movie theatre/restaurant/bar/hotel/swimming pool: 729m (by shortcut, not by roads)
- To airport: 1.6 km
- To Apex (only other community close by) by roads: 4.5 km
- To Apex "as the crow flies": 3.8 km
- 3 hour walk I took along the shore to Apex and back by road with a couple other girls: 9.2 km

These are not prairie distances, this is a city built on hills, and my apartment is near the top of one.  The "downtown" strip of stores is in a fairly level area near the shore.  So an easy 1-2 km walk downhill to do errands... becomes a hard walk back if I buy too many groceries... which usually means walking to the store and taking a taxi home.  Works for me!

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