Friday, 18 February 2011


For ANYONE who's talked to me recently, the topic of my stay here and when I'm leaving has been very up in the air.  So many little details to consider, I want the timing to be JUST right.  So I've hemmed and hawed and beaten around the bush a hundred times.  Some days I say I'm leaving end of March, some days I say end of April, and often I say somewhere between the two.
This last week I made a last ditch effort to readjust plans with Mercy ships and make it to a friend's wedding in August.  For an exultant 48 hours I thought I had it worked out perfectly.  And then...
today I got a phonecall to tell me my new plan wouldn't work.  Mercy ships have pretty strict (though totally fair) rules about Gateway and the field service afterwards.
In the first few moments I found it to be almost a crushing disappointment.  But I've realized that now that I know once again what definitely can't happen, I also know what can.  Does that make sense?
I know my departure date from the north will be the end of March.  I know I want to spend time mostly in Manitoba, but also in BC and Alberta.  I know that when I pack for Texas in June, I'll be packing for Africa as well.   And I know that God is asking me to trust him in all this.  That His timing is best.
So... I'd better get going on selling and packing.  I've only got 5 weeks left!

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