Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Cowboys in Texas

What else defines Texas better than it's cowboys?  
I'm not really sure, but we decided we had to experience a little of that culture last week while there was at least one person here that had a car.  So on Wednesday we went to Cowboy church.  That's right, Cowboy Church!  It's specifically designed to be a comfortable place for cowboys, and has been around only 8 years, but has already spread from Texas to Alberta and even Australia!   The preaching is down-to-earth and in simple terms, the services and activities are scheduled around typical ranch life, and "dressing up" means wearing your good boots and belt buckles, having a shower before coming.

This is Toni, one of the ladies who is attending Gateway with me, couldn't resist a picture beside this massive... uh... can it even be called a motorcycle?  It was parked outside the church.


 The decorations were so stereotypical cowboy, and we all just soaked it up.  The worship team included a steel guitar, a harmonica, drums and and a singer with a voice that could have won american idol!  Our only complaint was that there wasn't enough songs during the worship time!  The preaching was interesting, easy to follow and definitely bible-based.

On Friday night, we heard about a rodeo an hour's drive away, and headed out.   

 I think the pictures speak for themselves.  Oh, and it was my first time having dipping dots icecream.  Very nice!

These are the people I went to the rodeo with.   Margot, Kari (my roommate) and Laura(the lovely driver).
This is me and my other roommate, Kelly. 

One quick picture of the action.  It was later in the evening, and the action shots didn't turn out so well.  But it was a really fun night!!

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