Thursday, 21 July 2011

First stop, Sierra Leone

So, I have maybe 5 minutes left on the computer, then once again gone for a week. 
I'm safe in Sierra Leone, all our flights went well and everyone is relatively healthy.  I'm now sharing a room with 16 other females, some have curtained bunkbeds (dark but warm), the other 7 are single beds out in the open (more airflow... guess which I chose?).  We get three showers stalls to share, always cold water, and one is less water flow than the tap of a sink.  We are continually running out of toilet paper, and I somehow am always the one going down to ask the staff for things ie: top sheet on beds (barely need it, except to keep the mosquito bites to a minimum), fresh towels so we can shower (they took our old ones to wash them), more toilet paper!!!
I bathe in DEET spray.  Well not quite, but I put it on every time I think of going outside, and just before going to sleep.  Welcome toxins!  Only about 6 bites so far.  And yes, I'm taking my antimalarials... I know better than to skip them during the worst time of the year for malaria!
Everything is going WELL.  We are all learning patience and how to be adaptable, but generally we all get along so good... that I'm getting a little tired of UNO.  I accidentally injured one of the guys playing 'Spoons'  (dangerous card game, that one).   And apparently 'duck-duck-goose' is the kind of game where people get injured (not me, one of my friends, and it was only a few scrapes thanks to rocky ground).  We're building a latrine for a school, with help from the villagers.  While building, there is a lovely hole we use to relieve ourselves.  I must say that is the most maggots I've ever seen in one spot!!!  (I think I just made you squirm!! hehehehe)
Oh, and I've decided to make an effort to speak french more often, and that I will know basic german by the end of this year (friends here speak both, so I'm working on it.)  We'll see how those goals go.  Don't congratulate me yet! 
One more week until we join the ship.  For now, it's hot days and nights without airconditioning (we do have overhead fans at night, thank the Lord!)  Next time I post, I should be able to add pictures.  Love to all!!!!!!
Oh, and word to the wise, never eat anything that isn't prepared in front of you, especially if you buy it off the street.  (I haven't tried that yet.  Boiled peanuts though... excellent!!!)  And we're in a place where they eat with their right hands, but we haven't had to do that exclusively yet. 

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