Thursday, 18 August 2011

My walk to work...

Tonight, I'm working the night shift. 
So in the evening, after the community meeting, I sat in midships lounge (deck 6) chatting with some friends.  At 9:10, I said I needed to go get ready for work.  The girls beside me were both nurses on the ward, and they gave me looks of baffled confusion/incredulity, asking "why?"  "it only takes me 2 minutes to get ready!" 
I suppose old habits die hard.  So I stayed, enjoyed their company until 9:25, when I said, "okay, now I really have to go!"  To which the reply was, "ya, you'd better go!"  So I walked down the hall, down a flight of stairs, stopped in the dining room to put my dirty coffee cup where the dirty dishes go, walked across swiftly only to be hailed by the girl who had sat in front of me at the community meeting: "She's got a good voice!" (she was speaking to a guy beside her) "Hey Hetha, come ova he-a"  Not wanting to continue an earlier discussion about whether or not I'm willing to join the worship team, I called over my shoulder "can't gotta work" and continued on down two flights of stairs and down a hallway to my cabin.  In my cabin I quickly put on my clean scrubs that were waiting for me on my bed (I do plan ahead sometimes, you know) and made sure I tossed a book and a waterbottle into my bag for work.  I grabbed an extra black pen because the interpreter on nights keeps forgetting his, and left the cabin, walked down the hall, through the water-tight door and into the hospital hallway. Down near the end I went through the door to "B" ward, and was a full minute early for my 9:30 shift.
I could get used to this commute! :D

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