Thursday, 20 October 2011

Going fast fast!

There are all kinds of things that are different from one culture to the next, not the least of which is language.  All the nurses here by necessity start to pick up at least a few Krio phrases, and they often end up being used randomly even when we're speaking to each other. Some examples are:
1. "small small" in reference to amount of pain or size of things, that often gets used jokingly as a sarcastic remark.  ie: Are you hungry?  Ya, small small.   or  Did you forget to put on sunscreen?  Ummmm, small small.
2.  "fine fine"  in reference to being good, fine, or very good. 
3.  "fast fast" doesn't mean what you think it does, this means diarrhea.  If you have "fast fast" you must run fast to the bathroom or it simply comes out very fast.  We will jokingly use it for anything done fast.
4. "waka waka"  is to walk.  Simple.

With these in mind, picture the scenario a friend described to me that happened in the hospital hallway the other day...

Small child, about 3 years old, is walking down the hallway on two bandaged feet.  He's been encouraged to walk normally on them and we like to praise him for making the effort.  The nurse sees him and gets excited at how well he's doing, and calls out to him:  "you go fast fast, you go fast fast!"  The child looks at her, and squats!  Suddenly realizing she just told him to go have a fast fast bowel movement, she quickly tries to correct the situation:  "No, no, stand up!  Waka waka, you waka waka fine fine!!!"

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hannah said...

hahahaha!!!I laughed so much at this story, thanks heather :0) I do miss using Krio in random day to day talk. It doesnt go down well over here!I get weird looks. Hope your well, keep up the good work xx