Saturday, 8 October 2011

It's 2am

It's 2am and I'm surrounded by silence.
No, perhaps silence is the wrong word.
There is a constant engine noise rumbling beneath the floor,
ever present
keeping things running.
There is the higher pitched noise of the airconditioning blowing from ceiling airvents.
There are the gentle snores and quiet breathing of 22 sleeping patients and their caregivers.
All have had their surgeries,
and now all that's left is the healing.
I'm surrounded by people who are healing, growing stronger
regaining hope, strength, and hopefully,
getting ready to return home whole, accepted.
By day, we give them pills, we do painful dressings,
we practice exercises, we check vitals, we play with them,
draw with them, make funny faces with them,
blow up gloves to make funny balloons, we have dance parties in the hallways,
and many, many other things.
But at night, they sleep, and dream of better lives.
I'm surrounded by peace.

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