Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Sunrise on the Bow

I'm not a morning person.  But we were told that our last day of sailing was the 15th, when we would arrive in port in Tema, and that the last time the bow would be opened was from 6 to 8am that morning.  Since I was starting work at 8am, I decided it would be worth it to get up at 6 and watch the sunrise.  I slightly missed it, as it rose before then, but thanks to the mist, the sun wasn't visible until almost 6:30 anyways. 
The water was so smooth and silky.  The handful of people on the bow were quietly watching the water, contemplating or having a quiet time with God.  It was simply soooo peaceful. 
There is something about  the ocean that reminds me just how small and insignificant I am.  That reminds me that there is One who is bigger than all of this, and He's the one that holds me in the palm of his hand.  He restores my soul.   

Somewhere around 7am one of the girls pulled out a guitar, and a few of us sang along to worship.  I've loved the downtime we have on the ship right now.  So intimate with less people around.  There's a family atmosphere that's hard to explain.  (especially when you're talking about 275 people) But it's good.  So good. 

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