Saturday, 14 January 2012


There are some moments when I truly believe that there just aren't enough descriptive words in the english language.  Tonight was one of those times.  As I drove home through the lightly falling snow, I realized just how few words there are to explain the beauty that surrounded me.  Words to describe the snow.

Cold snow is different from warm snow.  Warm snow (when the temperature is close to zero) falls in wet, sticky clumps that fall fast and make heavy thick carpets.  Cold snow (when the temperature is below -10 or so) drifts lazily down.  Like glittering hummingbird feathers drifting on a breeze it swirls and lifts with any air motion.  It covers the roads in an abstract moving pattern reminiscent of the pattern on a marble countertop brought to life.  Wet snow piles thick on tree branches and gilds them with a beauty that makes their naked winter limbs more stunning than any leaf cover.  Cold snow shimmers around you like a life-sized snow-globe, drifting and falling and catching on your clothing and in your hair to make you glisten like the world around you.  

And as you breath in deep, the cold air is so fresh and clean, there is nothing to compare it.  Invigorating.  In the night time, you could almost believe the world was covered in glitter.  In the day it is so blinding white as it reflects the sun that it hurts to look at it.  Either way, all the brown, all the ugly, is made so fresh and new.  It covers it all, indiscriminately.
No wonder the Bible says He will wash our sins away and we will be made white as snow.  I can think of nothing more beautiful, more able to cover and clean a world of filth.
I love the snow.

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