Friday, 4 May 2012

The popular kid

You know the one.  The person who doesn't let themselves be forgotten.  That gets in your space in a good way.  Usually has some kind of dynamic personality and goes around making friends with everyone.  Generally they are the one you assume to have excessive self-esteem and the perfect home life.  The kid you were probably jealous of (unless you were the popular kid).  The kid who makes up trends and everyone blindly follows along.  Yup.  We've all met them, been jealous of them, wondered how they manage to be such a potent personality.  Usually you find them in classrooms, or at minimum in some kind of space where there's a crowd.
On a ward where 20-40 patients and caregivers live together in a tight space, I'd call it a crowd.  And there is invariably a "popular kid."  Sometimes its the baby that is too cute for words, blowing spit bubbles and chortling with laughter at the littlest thing.  Sometimes its the adult with the outrageous personality that keeps himself in the know and becomes "chief of the ward" or some other such thing. 
But very often, it's one of the kids.  Somewhere between the age of 5 and 15.  They steal the hearts of the nurses, love on us as we love on them.  And NEVER let you forget their presence!

Hopefully I get around to telling you more of their stories... but these have been just some of the "popular kids" that have stolen our hearts!!!

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