Monday, 4 June 2012

Time for an update

Sometimes, no, often, I can't remember who I've said what to, and when, and why.  A large part of that is this weird limbo-land I live in.  Some friends I see multiple times through the day, some daily, some many times a week.  And then there are all the long-distance people, like most of those reading this blog.  And trying to keep track of who knows what... I may as well admit that it's easier to be a broken record on some topics and hope you eventually tell everyone things, and otherwise hope people ask the right questions. 
All that to say, I can't remember what I've mentioned on the blog recently about my upcoming plans.  I know I've mentioned vague things, but the final decisions I'm pretty sure have been missed.  So here goes...

Basic plan (for those that feel I've been too longwinded already): one more year with Mercy Ships.

A few more details: Home (winnipeg) from 29 July to 10 Aug this summer.  Then back to the ship to Guinea.  While there, I'll be a team leader for the General Surgery ward.  End date somewhere around the end of Guinea next summer (June/July 2013)

What does that mean?  Well, it means a lot of things.  It means:
 1 - I need to do some massive fundraising while I'm home.  I didn't plan on two years when I initially started out, so I need to find a way to make this work financially without blowing the small nest egg I have for when I finish here (truly small nest egg, it should be just enough to get an apartment and last me to my first paycheck). 

2 - I have bought my tickets home for this summer, and still have to figure out how I'll be spending my time.  I'm looking at possibly picking up some nursing work, but that's still uncertain.  I may want to go visiting various people, but that all depends on money and transportation.  I may choose to couch hop (if your couch is open to visitors, please tell me!)  I would LOVE to camp.  Suggestions for who to visit and how to spend time are very welcome!

3 - I GET TO SAIL, to and from Tenerife.  On the sail to Tenerife, I'll be working in the Galley, which I did last December and loved.  I can't wait to sit on the Bow on my days off!!!  Maybe sleep in a hammock under the stars one night!

4 - Starting on the sail to Guinea, I'll begin my job as Team Leader.  This means a lot of planning, paperwork, meetings etc.  It means having my own 'team' of nurses to work with me, and guide/lead, as well as working closely with the various general surgeons as they come and go.  It means a steep learning curve for me.  It means being day charge plus extra duties, mostly Mon - Fri through the days.  I'm sure theres more, but I don't know it yet!

That's all I can think of for now.  Please, email me, keep me updated on you, ask any questions you have of me.

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