Sunday, 22 July 2012

4 year old

Excerpts from a conversation with my cousin's four-year-old son...
Him: Do you know German?
Me: Um, no, I don't know german.
Him: We do.  We know German, we're from Germany.
Me: I know, I visited your parents once, a long time ago before you were born.
Him:  Is this the first time you saw me?
Me: No, I met you once when you were only a year old.
Him: Come play with me, let's go outside and play!
Him: Where is your car?
Me: I don't have a car.  My parent's car is over there.
Him: oh.  Who's car is that?
Me: Um... I don't know, but it's a nice car!
Him: That's Uncle Rob's car.  Who's car is that?
Me: Um... I don't know, I'm not home very much anymore.  I'm just visiting right now, just like you are visiting.
Him:  Where are you from?
Me: I live on a ship on the coast of Africa.
Him: I live in Germany!
... later...
*him standing in front of me, blocking my path with arms outstretched*
Him: You cannot pass.  You must pay me first!
Me *reaching into pockets, pretending to search for non-existant money*
Him *appears worried*: Oh, not REAL money, just pretend!!
Me: Okay *pretends to hand real money, receive big smile from him who lets me walk about two steps before blocking my way and repeating!*
... later...
Him:  That is your hockey stick and I will go get mine!  We will play hockey.  You are Africa and I am Germany!
That kid is a hoot!

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