Sunday, 7 October 2012

A glimpse of screening day

One great thing about the revolving door of people constantly coming and going from the ship is that there is always someone coming with fresh eyes. Someone for whom this experience is new and amazing and overwhelming. And getting a chance to talk with them and hear their impressions reminds me just how different this life is from anything most people have ever experienced.
It's part of why I blog. I'll never be able to make someone fully understand this place, this life, but if I can give you small glimpses... maybe it will help you to see what I see. So please, ask questions, suggest topics, I'll try and keep you fully informed.
In the meantime, here are some pictures from screening day.  Enjoy!
The lineup out the gate and up the street

Barriers to keep the line orderly.
Some people using chairs... it was a very long wait!

The winding lineup once through the gates

The line divides up so multiple nurses can "pre-screen" patients and decide whether we can help and what specialty to refer them to.
After prescreening they go up stairs and into the building.
Inside, we seat them in chairs so they can wait to be seen in the various stations

Some of our volunteers hand out sandwiches to those waiting and to the crew who are working.
Water is also handed out... to keep everyone patients and crew, well hydrated.

Prayers were offered to all who were willing.

Balloons were used to amuse the children.

Eyes were checked.

Histories taken

The lineups inside got long!

Biopsies were checked on site!

It was an amazing day.  

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Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

The level of organization astounds me! What a great job!