Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My heart

I think I left a portion of my heart in Africa.  On a ship.  I left it in the loving hands of friends who have become like family.  I left it sleeping on a bunk in the cramped ship that somehow became a home.  I left it in the eyes of a thousand people that I met from more countries than I can remember, speaking languages I will never understand.
And I struggle to come to grips with the fact that the time to be home in Winnipeg is now.  I could tell you a hundred reasons why I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am EXACTLY where God wants me right now.  But dare I say that there is a sliver of my heart that's torn and bleeding while I'm here?  It pulses with the rhythms of the ship, and it exults with the triumphs and mourns with the losses.
When I heard from a friend who is still on the ship that there is a spiritual battle going on there, I found myself praying one of the most fervent prayers since my arrival home.  And as this day of screening and selection has passed by today, again I find myself in frequent prayer.
Through the prayers I realized my new role.  Some of us, those that know the ups and downs, the rhythms and trials of the ship, the ones who left a portion of our hearts sailing forever on her decks.  We are the prayer warriors.  And as the ship's revolving doors continue to usher in new crew and wave sad goodbyes just as fast, the circle of prayer warriors grows.  The wider our circle grows the more amazing things can be accomplished.
We may not be physically present, but we will forever be partners with those that sail and walk her decks.
Today was the first time for Mercy Ships to hold a screening/selection day in the Congo.  Approximately 7-8 thousand people showed up, and over 4000 will be returning for further assessment/surgery.  It sounds like they will have some more people seen tomorrow.  Everything was safe and orderly.  People are exhausted but happy with how the day went.  Surgeries start next week.
I'll update you on my life soon.
Thanks for joining me in my journeys.

*line-ups in Congo today!

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