Support me

As you've likely figured out already, I've signed up for two more years volunteering for Mercy Ships.  This means I pay crew fees every month to cover food/lodging/insurance (plus some of the fees go towards surgeries).  I also have to pay for my flights, my insurance, and all those little things that you barely think about like vitamins and toiletries.  For this reason I'm trying to raise approximately 1100$/month for my time on the ship.  You can help by donating to Mercy Ships under my project #3021.  

Yup, that's right, EVERYTHING about donating towards my time on the ship is exactly the same as last time. 

I would like to throw out a challenge though... I'm trying to find a core group of people willing to do more than a one-time donation.  Instead, commit to a monthly amount.  Think of me like a sponsor child or a coffee addiction.  If you spread it out a bit, it will allow me a more stable base, and it's not so hard on the pocket book.  Think about it.  10 or 20$/month is not so bad.  Or, if you feel led, 100$ /month goes a long way!
As a resident of Canada, you cannot donate to me directly (at least not if you want a tax receipt), but rather must donate to the charitable organizaition.  If you like the idea of helping me out, please continue reading, and I'll give you some options.  Mercy Ships Canada will issue a tax receipt to donors at year end.  *** There is now a button and a link for both Canadians and Americans.  The first is for Canadians, the second for Americans.  IF you want a tax receipt, please be aware which link you are going to.  
Donate by cheque(by mail):
Cheques must be made payable to "Mercy Ships".   On a separate note, you can suggest where funds are to go, indicating project number (3021).  No personal name should appear anywhere on the cheque.  Mail the cheque and note to:
Mercy Ships Canada
Unit 5 - 3318 Oak St.
Victoria, BC  V8X 1R1
Donate over the phone:
Call toll-free at 1-866-900-7447 or locally at 250-381-2160 to set up regular debit or credit card donations.
Donate online:
Mercy Ships Canada is able to accept donations for project funds through their online giving programs, by cheque, money order, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or monthly Direct Debit.
 I've set up a personal donation website:  or, just click on the following button:

Hit the above button or go to the website as mentioned above if you are Canadian and want to donate towards my time on the ship.  


If you are American, I now have a site you can go to and get an American tax receipt after donation...
** REMEMBER, this one is only for the AMERICANS.