Sunday, 24 December 2006

Explainations and thoughts

I'm not sure if anyone questions the title of my blog, but incase there is an inquiring soul out there who doesn't know, it's based on the quotation: I know not what tomorrow holds, but I know Who holds tomorrow. I chose to call it "I know who holds tomorrow" because I do... know who holds tomorrow, it's the great God who humbled himself to be a babe on earth (you know, the whole Christmas deal). Especially with travelling, I really don't know what each coming day will hold, but so long as I can rest in the one who's in control of those tomorrows, I have nothing to worry about. I might not always remember not to worry, or to turn to Him in my troubles, but I do try, and each tomorrow is another chance to get closer to my God.
Here are a few (rough draft style) thoughts from last night:

there is something about a newborn babe that speaks of that trust which God asks of us

the complete trust that allows a tiny package of vulnerability to completely yield to arms greater than itself. the deep unworried sleep that lasts longest when lying in those strong arms. the frantic wail that arises when a babe first realizes he’s been separated from that place of security. the speed with which calm returns when he is again picked up.

who are we to say we need no help? when was the last time we relaxed content in the arms of a God who can be trusted more than the most devoted parent? sometimes our strength is what hinders most. Where else but in God’s arms can we be strongest when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and weak, relaxing into the hold that will carry us until we have the strength to stand.

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