Friday, 22 December 2006

We're going!

WOW! SO excited! Finally got confirmation that our first choice for orphanages in India has accepted us! Its... well.. lets put it this way, if I was home alone right now I'd be dancing all over the place, possibly letting out excited screeches. Instead, I'm just grinning like a goon! heeheehee! This is soo good. This is so God.
Ever feel like God has just opened doors, that He's leading the way and all you need to do is follow along? Oh, I know I've talked a lot about how much foot work and paper work and prayers have gone into this whole thing, but the reality is, that none of this could have happened if God wasn't in it. I suppose I should explain that a bit.

A few months ago, the plans for India involved going there sometime around July or August. (looking back, that's about the worst time because the heat's pretty excessive at that time of year.) Then we talked to a good friend who was really wanting to go to India in January, and on a whim asked if we would join her. I looked into India visas and realized that was the best timing for us to go, and we ended up saying yes, we want to go with you. So then the idea of helping in an orphanage came up. There were so many to choose from, and most either didn't respond when we tried to contact them or asked for quite a bit of money for the priviledge of volunteering for them. We were getting a little discouraged that we wouldn't find one we liked or that we wouldn't be able to afford it. Then, this one where people we know had been, that has links to the city we're from, that only asked for whatever money we felt lead to donate almost falls into our laps. And looking at the info we got from the orphanage, we could all agree that it was somehow exactly what we were looking for in expectations from volunteers, Christian values and how they help the people of India who most need the help. Every step of the process of applying for this orphanage has solidified in our minds that this is where God wants us. Now... what we need most now is prayer. We need an army of prayer to back us up as we head to India and encounter a culture far different from our own, and most likely spiritual warfare in a form we're unused to.

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