Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Eight and a half days until lift-off

What I could really use right now is a week off. It's true, I do have the week off of work before I leave, but I mean more than that. I mean a week where I don't have to do any planning, worrying, organizing or other travel work. One where I can just hang out at home, visit the people I want to see, and generally just take a stress-free breather.
It's an odd feeling, getting ready for a trip like this. I'm so excited I can barely breathe at times. And at other times I question my sanity and want to cancel the whole thing and just fall back into my safe little rut. I want to go so badly, and I want to bring along all the people I'm going to miss. I'm also a little frustrated, because I have a good job on a ward that I enjoy working on. I just got to the point where I feel competent, like I have my crap together and that I'm actually being used as a resource on occasion... and now I'm leaving. I'm frustrated because I recognize that my life is really pretty together at the moment, I have a lot of things going well, going my way, and now is when I choose to leave it all. I suppose it's good to leave on good terms with everyone, and I know it's only temporary, it just makes me question myself.
On the other hand, I've contacted a lot (as in I discovered the max number of emails I can send at one time is 50) of people in the last couple of weeks. I'm trying to inform everyone of what I'm up to. I'm honestly overwhelmed by the positive response I've gotten from people. I feel more and more every day like I have a small army holding me up in prayer. I haven't had a single person tell me they think this is a bad idea, or that I shouldn't go. Thank you to everyone who's got my back, who's cheering me on and covering me with prayer. Thank you, you are appreciated more than you could possibly know.

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Neelie said...

Wow, time flies way to quickly!! You will be missed muchly! I think it is great that you're leaving on a good note...when things are going well. Not only will this leave you with happy memories of home (and make you want to come back eventually), but it shows you can make yourself a home wherever you're at...and this will be very useful no matter where you're living. A missionary who was on furlough once told me that they always took pictures with them and even if they were just staying one or two nights in a place they would hang them up thereby making that place home for the night. Just a thought!