Thursday, 4 January 2007


I HAVE IT! It's HERE! The last of my official documents! Nothing else to get! We're fully legal! RN's in Australia! We have confirmation from the board! I can't sit still, must tell someone! I CAN'T BELIEVE EVERYONE IS AT WORK! There must be someone home! Can't sit still, can't calm down, must tell someone! Sooooooo EXCITED! Someone must be home! My brother's here, told him, he's not doing much, need someone to scream with! Jump jump jump. Everything, I have all my documents! Finally, 4 months of work done, finished (don't remind me of the little details to deal with still). I am going. Last of the tickets bought today. Hotel's been booked in Hong Kong (short stopover). Finally it's all coming together! Can't sit still, want to yell it out loud. Need someone to hear me, to scream with me! Gotta go!

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