Wednesday, 28 March 2007

my first blog!!!

hello you will probabaly notice very shortly...this is NOT Heather writing...i am not grammatically correct, nor is my spelling something to brag about, oh and puncuation....its hit or miss....i like the triple period thing....a'll notice that....i will work on spelling as there is (hoepfully) spell check! :) now that that is all cleared up...i have no clue what to write about in my first offical blogger entry. i feel priveleged! Heather's teaching me how (and told me the password) to actually write on here...she'll regret it later. i have over the past few weeks come up with various topics (some of which Heather has stolen and i will not repeat...she says i can write about them so that i can give my version of the tale) the only problem is i can not remember many of the topics...alas...oh one...she say's i can talk about the ants...yes...umm...they're dreadful, but i am getting used to them so they are not so much of an important topic as they were 5 weeks ago when we first arrived! OH!!! we did start to have them come into our house which was DISGUSTING as they followed some sort of trail under our back door, under the cabinet in the laundry room, down the hall, into Heather's room, the bathroom and invariably the kitchen...i thought maybe something died that we hadnt found yet...dont know...but did you know baby powder is great as a protective barrier? it works..there are now 3 wide layers of powder around our back door and we have not had a problem since!

anyways, thats the ants.... i will be uploading some photos of Heather and i one of the first nights we were here in Bourke. not much was happening...we hadnt started work yet, and we were taking a relaxing evening at home...Heather on the computer and me being a pest... (im good at that...ask Heather...) actually i decided to take some "human interest" photos of our new house, because it was so much more than we expected, and such a blessing. anyways...this is what happened. i dont think i need to explain...the photos say a lot all by themselves. enjoy.

Heather is currently feeding me topics to write about...i have no intellegence at this moment (a direct quote from Heather about me) i can explain!!! i have just come off the 5 night seems as if its been longer than 5 nights because people at work have started asking me if ive worked anything other than night shifts. i lost my train of thought...oh yes...nights...we had a busy one last night! it actually was GREAT because it felt like a normal shift back home! yes! i love being a nurse (at times) we seem to being going through a baby boom at the moment. we had a new mom that had a cesearan yesterday, then a mom that was induced last night...she delievered a healthy 8 lbs boy just before 5am... then we had another mom to get ready for a cesearan this morning, plus 3 admissions, a young boy who fell off of his bike and broke his arm... he had a lot of morphine, and slept well! then 2 young ladies that come and go from our hospital who needed pain killers, IV's and beds to sleep. we had a full house. the first full house that ive seen since starting here. we had a lovely busy morning.

after work Heather and i went our for breakfast at the loca bakery. we have yet to try their famous meat pies...they're apparently quite tasty. i'll let you know once we have some! and then walked back to the hospital for a congradulation morning tea for a collegue who has just finished her Bachelor of Health Science. this is a woman in her late forties who finished this degree by distance education while working full time at the hospital. her offical title is 'Aboriginal Liason Officer' but this doesnt even begin to describe all the stuff she does around the hospital. you really notice it when she's not there! she is highly respected and loved by staff and town alike. (and believe me she knows EVERYONE!!!) its hard to describe this well, because she was so touched, honoured and humbled by the encouragement and praise for her job well done.

i think im finished writing for now, im falling asleep as i write...i hope you are enjoying the pictures! Heather really doesnt like the fact that these are going on the blog...(apparently she's got an image to keep up!) but the last one is my favorite! i told her im framing these when we get home! big sigh...from laughing...laurie


o miriam o said...

ah, i love updates! this one had a little different tone to it...and alas some spelling and grammer errors, but who doesnt have them at least once!
i really have a different view on heather now that i saw those pictures. im not so sure what i should conclude about her now...
be blessed little mice! and keep them babies coming!

Anonymous said...

Yah, I think you got four dots in a few places (....)... I don’t think spell check picks that up. oh yes mince meat pies... (at least in NZ) there 2,000 times better then anything you'd get here at safeway.

James G