Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Here I am

It's an odd thought at times to think that I'm in Australia. After the complete cultural backflip of spending a month in India, being in Australia has a feeling of normalcy to it. Sure, it's obvious that I'm not at home by the simple lack of the family and friends who I've left behind. The differences are there. Sometimes at night, I stare up at the stars and the only recognizable features in the entire sky are Orion and the moon. Or first thing in the morning the Galas and the Cockatoos and the Parrots etc all compete for the loudest most annoying squacks as they move in noisy flocks from tree to tree. Or driving on the left side of the road and seeing kangaroo heads poke up amidst the brush. Or talking with people and only catching half of what they're saying because the slang and the accent are so thick. Or not being able to walk barefoot outside because there's thorns that grow in the grass, and the heat at an average of 38 celcius is enough to wilt.
But as time goes by, I settle into a routine. The palm trees and kangaroos blend into the landscape like pine trees and deer. I meet people and they become friends and neighbours now, not just some Australian. I have a bed and a house and a job, and this is where I live. I walk outside and think it can't be more than 28 degrees because it feels rather cooler than usual, only to be told later it was 38 degrees. The days go by, and the routine truly begins to feel like routine, and we finally get phone service, and learn our way around town. As we really get settled in.. It becomes easy to forget that I am halfway around the world from home. And the more things start to feel normal, the more it starts to feel like I'm settling in, the more I realize I don't want to live in a tropical place. The heat is nice for a while, but I miss the snow, and the bone deep chill of winter. I miss being so cold that a fireplace is a glorious thing to get close to. I miss having easy access to friends and family. I miss my favorite snacks at the grocery store.
I wouldn't say I'm homesick. I'm fine with where I am and who I'm with, because I know there is an end to it. I know when I'll return. I'm enjoying being here. There's so much to learn, see, experience yet. It just surprises me sometimes when it starts to feel like home. And then someone calls me "Heatha", and I'm brought back to the reality of where I am.
How'd I end up here again? :D

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o miriam o said...

thanks for the blog. i loved it. made me miss travelling in a strange way. maybe it made me miss it cause i remember how much i would miss the little things from home while i was amazed and absolutely thrilled by the new experiences each day.so much to learn, and it is clear that there is much more of the world for me to see yet!