Monday, 19 March 2007


In an attempt not to overload those of you with dial-up connections, I'll try not to post too many pictures at once. Of course "too many" is definitely a relative term, and I have a lot of catching up to do. The pictures are all from India, some from our trip to the Taj Mahal, some from other random moments. In the pictures where we're sitting, we're sitting on the marble surface of the Taj Mahal. The pictures are definitely in random order, and its more effort than I care to expend to actually put them in any kind of order. Just think of it this way... it gives you a good reason to track me down when I return and see alllllll the pictures, in order, with explainations. Hehehe. Ten months of pictures. I could have you trapped at the computer for days. :D (insert cheeky smile here)

If you look close at one of the pictures near the top, you'll note it appears to be a half finished building supported by bamboo poles. If you actually managed to pick that out, "good-on-you" as they say here in Australia. It's how they build in India, they make most large buildings out of brick, covered in some sort of plaster/concrete. And all of the scaffolding is made of bamboo poles tied together. The bamboo also serves as support for the portions that they haven't finished the walls or pillars for yet. Its quite... scary looking. But it feels pretty safe once it's done (so long as there's no earthquakes, it should all be fine.). The building right beside that picture is from downtown Calcutta... they use every available space. Even the roof can be used as someone's home.
I'm sure most of you noted the picture of the squatty potty. They're actually a lot easier to use than you would expect, there's just no toilet paper provided, only a bucket and a tap... you figure out the rest.

Anyways, as you'll note by all the talk of india and recipes there's not a lot happening out here right now. James, you'll be happy to note that we actually discovered the secret to eggs lies not in the proper cooking method, but the right way to eat them.... sandwiched between two pieces of multigrain bread with cheese, and dipped in healthy amounts of ketchup. I'm still waiting for recipes people! Please? Oh, Esther, thanks for sending yours. And Scott, I was corrected by Laurie, it's the Chocolate Fudge Cake that she wants the recipe for.

And as a treat, Mark sent Laurie a wonderful email in full-out Australian accent. I'll show you how he managed to write out the accent with a few blurbs:
G'dye, Hehzigowan? (Good-day, How's it going? = Hello)
Buuhk (Bourke)
havin a grite toime. (Having a great time)
Other interesting words: Mum and Bub (mom and baby), wee (pee)

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