Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Recipes PLEASE!

OKay guys, I made this seperate because I want you to notice it. I want recipes. That's one thing I didn't think to bring along, and would really like to have. For most basic things I don't need recipes... I know how to make soup, cook meat, bake chocolate chip cookies (though all the temperature guages are in celcius, and I'm used to cooking in fareinheit). What I need is other things...

Scott! Laurie wants your chocolate pudding cake recipe (the one with the boiling water and cooked in the oven.
Jenny! Can we get your chocolate banana muffin recipe?
Esther! I want your buns recipe.
Joanne! I want your perogy recipe, and the biscuit recipe from the binder cookbook (I think the betty crocker one, or the yellow one... It has a bunch of biscuit recipes on the one page and a picture of fresh baked biscuits on the same page)

If anyone else has some easy, fun, or interesting recipes, (including pie crust or other dough/sweets type recipes)email me or post them as a reply on the blog if they're short. If for some reason you've forgotten my email address... ask someone else who knows me. I'm not posting it on a public space like this.


Michael & Esther said...

Recipe has been emailed! You must have quite a bit of spare time to be so inspired to make stuff like pie! I alas, do not have that spare time, but I must find some this weekend, I promised to bring snacks to lifegroup on Monday.

Anonymous said...

small town ah... i guess you got a lot of cooking time on your hands.

heres my recipe for eggs, turn frying pan higher (but not too high) wait a bit, put egg on, wait till done, eat, enjoy.

ya i had to double check on some of the instructions, but its should all be there.