Thursday, 5 June 2008

I'm not moving yet...

Well, I have no idea what happened with the previous blog layout, but I couldn't get the words to show up no matter what I did to it, so I changed layouts... I still like the original best... it may return at some point.
Even though I haven't been working, I'd say it's been a rather busy, or shall I say "eventful," month. There are many things I could write about, and those who are closest to me already know the details, so I'm sticking with the less personal things.
On the 7th of May, I had my interview. It went pretty similar to most other nursing interviews I've had. Basically a bunch of questions pertaining to the working environment they're considering you for. In this case, I had to give answers for "what I would do" in various scenarios, none of which fell into the areas I've pretty much specialized in while working in Manitoba. In other words, not a single surgical question. Instead, I had delve into my memory for the 3 months of experience in Australia, and even deeper in my memory to all the stuff I learned as a student... and finally, I was able to be very thankful that I listen closely to my friends and their stories. :D Because some of the things they've told me about treating patients helped me get through that interview. I have some special friends who've worked in pediatrics, emergency, medicine, L&D... and those are basically the kind of questions I was dealing with. A little overwhelming answering questions like those, but in the end... I passed! (Yes, that's right, they marked my answers... pass/fail kind of oral test)
At this point, thanks to a slight delay in my getting information to them, and the amount of time it'll take to process paperwork for my registration in the NWT/Nunavut, it appears I'll be leaving in July at some point. Everybody cheer, I might actually get a tan this summer!!! Because you know I won't get a decent tan (beyond face and hands) once I move to Iqaluit!
So here's a question... how much, and what, would you plan on packing in my place. I'd be moving into a furnished apartment, no utensils/dishes in the kitchen, no tv etc. Should I bring all kinds of stuff like small appliances etc or hope there's good garage sales/plan to order stuff that can be shipped up?
Side note, they will cover the cost of moving me there, just not the cost of moving home when I'm done. I'm not sure yet just how much they'll cover as far as moving costs, I have the idea it may be 3000$. (10kg of cargo ~70$, 40kg of cargo ~290$... and can take as long as 3-6weeks to get there... and that's by plane!!!)
Thoughts? Ideas?
(Sorry, realllllly haven't felt like posting recently, I'll try to get back into it)

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