Monday, 14 July 2008


Cats, perverse creatures that they are, have an instinct for the worst moment to come curl up with you. Oh sure, they tease you by coming by when you have the time to pet them, and then they move on to other pursuits after a single stroke... as though they have no time for such sappy stuff. Finally, when you're just at that point when it's time to get up and make supper, or get something done (or, they're very favorite moment to pick, when you reallllly need to get up and use the bathroom), this is when they come and settle into your lap as though they have the whole night to be cuddled and caressed. HOW is one expected to reward good behaviour and cuddle them in these circumstances? My bladder threatens to burst as little cat paws happily knead away at my stomach... and I try to encourage the good behaviour. All the while wondering if cats have some latent ability to read my mind and know that this is, in fact, a form of torture?

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