Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Well, I suppose I've made you wait long enough. I had wanted to have a plane ticket in my hand, or at the very least a definite departure date... but I just can't hold off any longer!
Not only do I have a job in Iqaluit waiting for me, but I now have my registration in the North (it's valid for all of NWT and NU!). I haven't received it in the mail or anything, but I've talked to the people in charge of these things and they've assured me that everything is in place. Now, before anyone gets ahead of themselves, let me re-iterate, I have no documentation in hand, dates are always subject to change. That being said, I have been given the potential start date of Aug 18th. So, by my calculations, that should put my arrival in Nunavut at about 4 weeks from now. (part of the reason I'm not totally definite on the dates, is that some of the people who are in charge of helping me get there are on vacation currently, and so the whole process is in a bit of a jumble)

Now, I'm going to be completely honest here... I'm not looking forward to packing. And yes, I'm using that in the future tense, because I really haven't done much in the way of starting the process. I have never, ever, had to pack up everything I owned and move it to a new place. I can recall once, as a teenager, swapping rooms with my little brother (because we both had this idea that the other person had a much better room!). Even that was only my room that was moving, not everything I owned. And then, there's the other factor... my room itself. Those that know me, those that have been invited to my house regularly... most would have noticed that I don't invite anyone to my room. Not to grab a book from my library (I have a LOT of books), not to sit and talk away from listening ears, not for any reason. I don't even leave the door open (partly because I don't want cat-hair in my bedroom) Because honestly, I'm a pack-rat in extremous. I can tidy any other part of the house to perfection. My room? Not so much. Haven't done a decent job of that more than once in a blue moon. Frankly, it's rather embarrassing. I don't even want people helping me pack because I'd rather be the one to deal with my insanity.

I did get a start on things today. I sat down with about three or four boxes to sort papers into various piles. It's actually quite a relief to be able to toss school papers. There's such a stack of "important" notes, papers, and texts from school that I always felt I had to keep "just in case." And now, I finally feel comfortable tossing them! I have one box that's just for the shredder. When I can get myself to focus, I love organizing. I just get a little perfectionistic about it, and if I don't have time to do it perfectly, I don't want to do it at all. Which is about the worst possible attitude I could have.
So anyways, I really should stop procrastinating and get back to work. Maybe I can finish shredding before the end of the night and move onto other more useful activities.

4 weeks! Dunno if that'll be enough time, especially if they come to pack up my stuff a couple weeks early! Yikes!

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Anonymous said...

Here I was thinking I was going to phone you but that would have meant walking a few feet for the phone # and then thinking to make sure this would be a good time to phone. So low and behold you answered my ???? except are you still planning on strawberry picking?