Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Getting ready to go


It's about as official as it's going to get... I got my "letter of offer"/job offer, printed it off, read it and the hundred other documents they finally got around to sending me (okay, maybe only 6 or 7, but if you include the union contract that I read through, it was probably close to 100 pages!). And I signed away my life. Er, perhaps I should say I agreed to take the job. And now they have me running around like the proverbial chicken just to get all my ducks in a row. It's a little reminiscent of preparing for our round-the-world trip. Except that at that time I had a full time job. If I was trying to work right now, I'd be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more stressed. Today's accomplishment was going for my criminal record check and faxing off all appropriate documents AND actually making an appointment for next week for a physical (which is a condition of my employment.) Seriously! Getting an appointment for a physical in less than two months has to fit under the "miracles" category. I love my doctor's nurse, she's amazing. She has never failed to fit me in when I really need an appointment. I don't care if I'm moving, he's going to stay my doctor for the sake of his amazing nurse!
Anywho... before I left the house, I shoved some coupons in my back pocket that would get me a free CD from a christian book store. Being me, I managed to make that one of my priorities. I stopped by the new store near the university. It's set up very much like the old one, with one important difference: free coffee. I kid you not. Okay, it's not gourmet coffee. It's one of those machines where you push a button and get coffee, hot chocolate or mocha, and it all comes rushing out into your styrofoam cup. The point is, it's free! It is now my favorite store! Especially since it's no longer owned by a big chain of stores! When I got to the store, I wandered around, picked up a couple of books with the excuse that I'll need reading material up north, found a CD I wanted, and just as I was contemplating leaving, the coffee machine was pointed out to me by a very nice lady. I stuck around, to drink my mocha. And I remembered that my bible has literally begun to fall apart in the last couple of months. So I found a new one (NASB instead of NIV this time, to give me a little variety, I've been eyeing this particular version for a while). Then, when I brought my purchases to the front and started chatting with the same nice lady who had pointed out the coffee machine, she proceeded to randomly give me a discount on the bible. Wow! She's got my business.

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