Wednesday, 6 August 2008

It's official! I know when I leave!

Okay, so I tried emailing everyone... and apparently some emails are waaay out of date. So if you want emails from me, and I didn't email you in the last day, I suggest telling me what your current email is so I can keep in contact with you.
Now, on to business!
I have my tickets to Iqaluit! Well, they're e-tickets, so I don't have anything to hold onto, but they exist, and I will be departing on the 21st of August, arriving in Iqaluit on the 22nd. (Sorry, that's as detailed as I'll get online). I know, it's actually a week later than I've been telling everyone, but things have been moving slower than I'd like with the moving company and figuring out about storage, so this extra time gives me a little peace of mind about time to pack and move things.
Oh, and great news about where I'm moving to! It's a brand-new apartment! And it's close to the hospital, so I don't have to worry about transportation! (Though, groceries may be a different story, I'll let you know how good/bad that walk is after I get there) So that is ready and waiting for me... only hitch is it's completely non-smoking. lol. As if that was going to be a problem for me!
Anyways, movers come to assess costs first thing in the morning, and I should really get to bed.

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