Friday, 22 August 2008

Lessons learned

Okay, so I'm busy downloading pictures... and videos (rather dull videos, mainly landscape... hey, I was flying alone, whaddaya expect?), and we'll see if any of them make it onto this post or not! I'll try and keep this brief (hehehehe, c'mon, you know me better than that by now, right?) and throw in some cute anecdotes at the end.
So.... I should probably do a few things before I get too wrapped up writing... ah, so much better, though I think my hands smelled better before I used the "french milled luxury soap" provided by the hotel. Do hotels use stinky soap to prevent you from stealing it? 'Cause man! I'm tempted to dig out the stuff I brought (don't worry, I'm much to cheap to make good on that threat!)

First lesson: DO NOT pack the sharp utensil meant for cutting through packing tape IN the bags that you taped shut!
Second lesson: When dividing stuff between what you need now and what you can wait 6 weeks for, it's great that you remembered to pack dish towels in the "I need it right away" bins, but it would have been even better to remember the body towels!
Third lesson: When packing clothes into just one suitcase, select the one with the extendable handle and smooth wheels, not the one with the marble-sized wheels that don't roll on anything but polished hardwood, and won't turn. You will have to carry this one to the farthest end of the carpeted hotel hallways, and your grand scheme to get all your bags to within one pound of the weight limit will leave your back (and feet) very unhappy with you.
Fourth lesson: When attempting to take a self-portrait using the timer on your camera, do not hang said camera from the sprinkler above the bed in your hotel room. (You really thought I did it for a second there, didn't you? Shame on you for thinking such a thing! Sure I contemplated it, but I restrained myself... for now)
Fifth lesson: If you keep saying you can't do something, God may just put you in a situation where you're forced to learn it. For instance... I don't do well climbing hills, I've mentioned it many times on this blog. I now will be moving into an apartment on the 4th floor, at the top of a rather large hill above the hospital. The closest grocery store is about a 5 minute walk downhill from the hotel I'm staying at, which is about a 4 minute walk downhill from the hospital. That means I'll be carrying groceries uphill! lol. Well, if I want to get into shape...

That's the hill between the hotel and the grocery store. I had already started walking back to the hotel, not sure how far I got, but there was a person on the hill (the blue and white spot below the shadowed part of the building), so I thought that might give the photo some perspective! She's halfway up. Note, I did not take the road like she did... because the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, so I went straight up the hill to the hotel!

And then there's me, after climbing the hill.

That's enough lessons for now. My back's spasming a bit, I think I'm going for a bath while I try uploading pictures. If the uploading is successful, expect another post in the next day or two. :D

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maryann said...

Thanks for all the lessons, those hills are going to be work after all the years in manitoba.
We're going to hillside next next so we might even have a hill to climb too. whoopee.