Saturday, 27 September 2008

Fall foliage

Don't mind me as I *try* to stay awake... I might write some things that don't make much sense. I only got 4-5 hours sleep last night (we'll pretend you don't know I slept all day yesterday). Switching my body back to being up days after doing a few nights is always a struggle for me. Anyways, I set my alarm this morning to make sure I'd get up in time to check out some moving sales. I got the addresses from flyers posted at the post office yesterday. That's the easy part. The hard part is every building in town is numbered haphazardly. Other than clumping together a few numbers in a row... there is no rhyme or reason to the numbering of buildings in town. And NOBODY uses street names to identify their place. So basically, unless you or a friend lives in a certain set of buildings, chances are, you don't know exactly where all the various house numbers are located. The maps of town only point out the big buildings and a few street names. How did I find the sales then? The taxi drivers know the town best. I couldn't remember the phone number for the taxi's (but I now have it memorized), so I went for a short walk down to the hotel, where there's always a taxi or two waiting. Then I took it to the first sale... 6$ to go a shorter distance than I had walked to get the taxi. Oh well, wouldn't have found the place otherwise. Didn't find anything of interest there. Walked back to the hotel, got another taxi, went to the next sale. Another 6$ gone, this time went much farther. In fact, it was on the other side of a major hill I've been wanting to climb for a while now. This guy didn't have much of interest left either, so I got a few hangers (free), and left for home, the long way. I decided it would be fun to climb the hill. Here's the hill from the side I started on...

And here it is from just before I cross the road and go home...
Note that I found a way to climb it starting from a higher elevation so that the majority of the climbing was climbing down, not up. :D
Little did I know it would start snowing just as I reached the top and had no shelter from the wind. Luckily it didn't last long, and started melting shortly after it hit the ground. And I got some neat foliage shots none-the-less. I'm in love with these little tundra plants. They're so tiny, but colorful and so unique!
There's the trees that grow hugging the ground... (yes, apparently there are trees above the tree line, they just don't grow to any significant size. Biggest I've seen looks more like a bush and grew about 18inches tall) Then there's the various fall colors along the ground... And you'll note, I had to take another picture of the crow berries...
This one isn't sideways, this was growing on the side of a rock at this angle. Remember, I'm super close to these plants when I take the pictures, they're probably all under two inches tall.
And finally, having taken lots of foliage pictures, I realized that I lost my mitt somewhere along the way... this is for you to help me find the mitt (it's in the picture). The picture before this, the one that looks like it's on it's side, is taken of some of the foliage growing on the rock on the right side of the picture coming up... Now I should go, it's literally taken all afternoon to upload those pictures.
Oh yeah, and high today was 5C, low was 1C, it snowed and rained in small bursts. Sunrise was at 06:32, sunset will be 18:18.

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