Sunday, 21 September 2008

Weather update

It would appear I have some friends back home with an unhealthy focus on the weather... Oh, who am I kidding, what Canadian doesn't have to comment on the weather at least daily? Truth be told, though, I've been basing my weather knowledge here on a glance out the window to see if anything is falling from the sky, be it rain or snow, and on whether the outfit I had on last time I was out was warm enough or not. Oh, I also use how much the building sways as a guage for how bad the wind is. Like now, it's calm. :D Otherwise, various people's comments of "we're getting 10cm of snow tonight!" I take with a grain of salt, depending on who said it. If it's someone as new as me to the town, they're basing it on the weather channel... and I'm sure you know just how dependable that is for anything other than the current weather, and they can even get that wrong!
So anyways, I figured some people might like regular weather and daylight updates, which I started to do here once and promptly forgot since then! So... in the last 24 hrs...
High was +3C, low was -2C (with the Wind Chill, -7C). And there's been random bursts of time where it's snowed (then melted).
Sunrise at 06:15, sunset at 18:39. As you can see, almost exactly 12 hours of sunlight. Though considering it's the fall equinox, we should be almost exactly equal in daylight hours for everyone across the globe! But for me and all those in the north, it's less light every day from now until Dec 21st.
And for those of you wondering about the northern lights? They're most visible in the middle of the night, that means I don't see them when I'm working days, I'm (generally) too busy to check when I'm working nights, and it's been cloudy so often at night that the few times I've had the opportunity and peeked out the window, I don't see stars not mind you northern lights. Don't worry though, from everything I've been told, in winter it's rarely cloudy, so I'll have plenty of opportunity to check.
If there's anything else you're wondering about, drop me a note or give me a call.

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